Most Mandiblors are diligent, dedicated warriors. Wamma is not like most Mandiblors


Wamma is a Danian Mandiblor and the most iconic Creature of his Tribe.


Wamma resembles a dark-red Broad-necked Darkling Beetle with a slightly elongated ant-like head and a two-part curvilinear body consisting of a rounded thorax and a big abdomen with a zigzagged wide bands pattern. He has four strong legs on the lower-half of his body, the front ones being larger and thicker than the back ones, which allow him to properly stand up, and two more on the upper-half, in the topmost part of his thorax. Despite being an insect-like Creature, Wamma has big “feet” that help him to better shore himself up and sharp claw-like “fingers” in all of his six legs’ extremities; and unlike real beetles, he doesn’t open an elytra to fly using underneath hidden wings.

He has a carmine-red face with a forehead delimited by long and thin bright green eyebrows, black contoured orangish-yellow eyes with tiny dark iris, furrowed into slightly deep dark-violet cavities and an irregularly shaped jaw with two curved up tusks to the sides of his mouth, that turn facing-front when he’s acting more intimidative. On top of his head, two long L-shaped antennas that stretch up and vibrate when receiving a “Hive alert”.

Though it may not seem, only Wamma’s abdomen, arms, legs and face are exposed. His inner body is protected by a two-layered dark-red exoskeleton with an irregular triangular edge, large gauntlets-like carapaces with light yellow borders and elliptical gems for the upper-half legs and greaves-like with stripe pattern for the bottom-half legs. Atop of it, a dark-brown hump-shaped armour piece with rounded orange borders to protect his head and the back-side of his upper-body; and two golden-bordered shoulder-pads with four long reddish-brown spikes to protect for the articulations of the upper-half legs.

In the Animation, starting with the M’arrillian Invasion, Wamma’s overall appearance changed significantly. He’s notably older, with a thick and more sagging skin, but in order to make him closer to the concept of his Card Art, two of his legs went up, integrating his upper body, having real fingers with sharp nails of slightly curved tips in all of his legs. And, despite the fact he’s much taller and fatter — to the point of even his external exoskeleton, now of a bright carmine-red tonality, having… “male breasts” — he’s still strong enough to stand up using only the two legs that remained attached to his abdomen.

His colour scheme also became very saturated, with an exaggeratedly strong orange skin, big cornflower blue eyes with no iris and a large light-brown filed-off bone growing on the top of his head, between the very thin light yellowish antennas. The hump-shaped armour piece doesn’t exist anymore, leaving his head completely exposed, and the spikes on his shoulder pads are now red and way smaller, becoming an integral part of the rest of the set.

Personality & Behaviour

Born as a Mandiblor, the compulsory training imposed to all members of this, which is the lowest rank in the Danian hierarchy, began very early, but despite Wamma’s great potential, this plump and cheerful Danian never had have all the enthusiasm shared by other Mandiblors. Though he seems to be a slowpoke Creature, often looking drowsy, yawning around Mount Pillar, he’s not a slacker. He just appreciates a little too much what life has to offer, like friendship, good food and more than a few naps during the day, doing his job and his job only, working hard to avoid hard work, without higher expectations.

And as briefly mentioned during the events of Buggin’ Out, most likely because of this behaviour of his, Wamma ended up meeting Sarah, who saved him from unspecified troublesome situation, establishing, since then, a mutual benefit relationship, exchanging access to Danians’ assets with anything he could use to please the Battlemasters and, perhaps, leaving the hard and laborious life of a Mandiblor.

702 lbs
  • Orangish-yellow
  • Dark-red
Preferred Locations

Wamma avoids all sorts of combat whenever is possible, preaching that only fools rush into the battle. And even though he’s moderately powerful and resilient for a Mandiblor, he’s not exactly smart, brave and definitely not the fastest bug in the Hive, but like a handful of other Danians, like Hota and Lhad, he’s one of the few of his Tribe with natural affinity to the Fire Element, so between a nap and a belly scratch, he can certainly fire a Magma Might and do some damage.

And when the Hive is set, every Creature infected with a Danian Parasite, allied or not, as well as all other Mandiblors teamed-up with Wamma, make him more and more resilient.

Hive Ordnance
Flame Guard
The Animation

Wamma appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: