Prince Mudeenu

Prince Mudeenu
Prince Mudeenu
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Obsessed with controlling the Cothica, he will risk the freedom of the Mipedians to find it


Prince Mudeenu is a Mipedian Royal and the next in line of succession of his Tribe.


Mudeenu, from the Arabic madyan (مدين), translates to debtor and Madyan, in turn, refers to Midian, a geographical location north-west of the Arabian Peninsula mentioned in the Torah and in the Qur’an, whose people after rejecting the warnings of prophet Shuaib regarding using false weights and fraudulent measures while conducting their merchant business had been destroyed by an earthquake.1

As for Prince Mudeenu, his obsession in finding the Cothica that endangers his own Tribe likely puts him in debt with the Mipedians.

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Prince Mudeenu resembles a tall and well-built humanoid Texas horned lizard with a light mustard skin and a long and strong striped tail tapering towards the tip. With big, irregular and spaced teeth in an enormous mouth, penetrating greenish-brown eyes centred in mulberry-pink eyeballs, four very long and sharpen claws on his hands and horns on his knees, Mudeenu has a really terrifying and threatening look.

He wears a tight dark purplish-grey hard-leather brigandine armour, accentuating the defined muscles of his chest and belly while leaving his arms and legs to show, and dark-grey gauntlets with brass reinforcements; an orange tabard with yellow ornaments and dark-brown symbols on his waist and a long light-blue cape.

In the Animation, starting with the M’arrillian Invasion, Mudeenu’s overall appearance becomes closer to the concept of his original Card Art without too many changes in the colour scheme. The horn-like spikes on top of his head and nose tip that now look more like actual horns instead of an integral part of the head, covered by skin; his armour now has a dark purplish-black tonality and his originally — and wrongly — conceptualized brandy-brown thighs has been redesigned into leather tassets, making much more sense.

Personality & Behaviour

Even though Prince Mudeenu may have a brutish, bloodthirsty and fiercely menacing appearance, as implied by his title, he’s a descendant of the ancient bloodline of the Mipedian Royalty and, like his uncle Theb-sarr, last Mipedian king currently in a ritualistic self-imposed exile, and his cousin Iflar, the Crown Prince heir to the throne, he’s always well-dressed and behaves with the grace and etiquette expected of his aristocracy, even in battle.

As the commander of the Mipedian Royal Guard, responsible for the safety of all members of the Royal Family, like Na-inna or Marquis Darini, while Mudeenu is highly respected within the Mipedian Society he’s also feared among his people and doesn’t hesitate in setting his manners aside to act coarsely even with his countrymen. This doesn’t mean, however, he doesn’t value his people, a fact well evidenced during the events of A Flux Too Far during a confrontation in the Glacier Plains when Siado, sacrificing himself in fulfilment of his duty, was hit hard by Khybon’s retaliatory strike after Mudeenu knocked down his partner Jiggorex.

Despite his unquestionable loyalty to the Mipedian Royal Family and publicly unfailing dedication, Mudeenu doesn’t always live up to his own lofty devotion standards because of his obsession in finding the Cothica, which often leads him to make decisions that might not be in the best interest of his Tribe, like risking a diplomatic incident with the OverWorld as seen during the events of the two-parts Episode Castle Bodhran or Bust.

Prince Mudeenu
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Super Rare
325 lbs
  • Greenish-brown
  • Mulberry-pink
  • Light Mustard
  • Brandy-brown
Preferred Locations
Preferred Battlegear

Although brave enough to charge upon the stronger enemies, Prince Mudeenu isn’t exactly powerful and his overweight severely slows him down. However, much like his cousin, he has one of the most well-developed Invisibility ability among the Mipedians, packing a good punch right at the beginning of the combat, but, unlike many Mipedians, having no Elemental affinity he must play smart, and on that end, he’s relatively well covered, being capable of liquefying his opponents’ brains with a Mind Mash without much effort.

But living up to the motto of hitting hard and fast, a few course corrections must be made. By bringing an Orchis Undin to the battlefield, Mudeenu can repeatedly pierce enemies with a tempest of Rainspears while a Wind Whip can kick the havoc of an Airsault. Relying on the power of Mugics, Mudeenu can disappear with a Fanfare of the Vanishing and if the strife takes place within the perimeter of Mipedim Oasis the enemy will never see him coming.

Champion of the Guard
The Animation

In the Animation, Prince Mudeenu starred with the kidnapping of Reginald Terrington, a Chaotic player with a so-called map that would lead to the Cothica before he could get to Frafdo at Castle Bodhran.

Later, during the events of Triple Threat, after deliberation of the Mipedian Royal Council of joining forces with the Tribal Alliance, Prince Mudeenu along with Malvadine, Vinta and Ghatup, ambushed Arias, Frafdo, Nebres, Viqtarr, Aimukk, Bierk, Faash and Tassanil and almost sarcastically evidenced to Tangath Toborn and Odu-Bathax how unprepared the OverWorld and the Danians are to face an enemy with close to perfect way of thinking like the M’arrillians’.


Prince Mudeenu appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: