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The high-flying OverWorld messenger and spy


Dractyl comes from the fusion of the English words dragon with the second-half of pterodactyl, describing the overall physical aspect of his appearance.


Dractyl resembles a bipedal pterodactyl with long, slightly torn, dragon-like wings up to his waist. He has a relatively muscular body and a thick, scaled skin, a striped brownish-red hard plate as chest, bandaged legs and four-fingered big claws, three of them turned to the front and one, curvier, turned back, each one with a sharp talon, just like a bird of prey. Like his closest palaeontological ancestor, Dractyl has a big, yet thin and elongated, almost triangular, head with dark-red stripes on his forehead; and threatening, black contoured greenish-yellow eyes with green olive irises, thin like a snake’s, in deep reddish-brown cavities.

The most notable of Dractyl’s physical traits are certainly his prominent metallic beak with greyish-red wave-like grooves shielding his ochre-coloured tongue, and a flashy “collar” made of pinkish-lilac feathers. But the most curious of all aspects are his Tyrian-purple scales which, after the moulting, be it due to a seasonal change or simply because the scale grew too old, they fall and originate the — much creatively named — Battlegear Dractyl Scales. Without proper care, after a few days, the scales begin to rot and with the decomposition a smelly and sticky goo is released, reaching the disgusting perfect stage of one of H’earring’s favourite… snacks.

Personality & Behaviour

Dractyl is a terrifying flying OverWorld Scout living in a nasty nest made of dry straw and wooden branches atop of a huge tree with thick vines around the trunk somewhere in the depths of the mysterious Forest of Life, Location which he patrols by air whenever he’s not outside on spying duty.

Behaviourally speaking, Dractyl has a disagreeable personality and shows signs of multiple mental disordering: He’s a hoarder, bringing to his nest random objects he picks up while on patrol; He’s possessively paranoid, always wary that anyone is climbing to his nest specifically to steal his “treasures”, never flying too far from “his” tree and even carrying the whole nest along with him when he’s out on duty, always reacting aggressively towards anyone who even comes close to his findings; He’s stressed, because the task he has been assigned to requires a degree of courage he doesn’t have, and thus he always seems to be on the edge; He’s a filthy slob, much as consequence of the other problems, he has serious problems with hygiene, rarely cleaning up the rotten and smelly scales on his nest.

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288 lbs
  • Olive Green
  • Brownish Dark-red
  • Reddish-brown (chest)
Preferred Locations
Preferred Battlegear

Dractyl is coward and yet a powerful and very fast Creature capable of unleashing an impactful Alacritous Force or easily thump his opponents with several consecutive Power Pulses. Gearing up with a Pyroblaster or, maybe, carrying away the Obliterators of a Dread Tread, a Fireram will certainly burn down the fray; with a delicate Orchis Undin on his ankles, a Frost Blight could freeze his enemies to the death; and even if a little tight, a Sandstorm Shroud will allow his wings to flutter at increased speed, flying everyone out to skies with a Turbulence Funnel. And as a flying Creature, Dractyl moves swiftly through the battlefield, reaching enemies at greater distances, causing havoc right at the heart of an opposing army.

The Animation

The only significant appearance of Dractyl in the Animation was during the events of Castle Bodhran or Bust, interacting first with Kaz, who was gathering his old scales as a titbit — and bargaining chip — to H’earring, and, then, telling Sarah and Peyton the story behind the scanner he took as a trinket, lost by a Chaotic player captured by the Mipedians. Later, in the continuation of the two-parts Episode, Dractyl — and his whole nest — served as a ride for Sarah and Peyton whom, armed with Liquilizers, showed up for a very wet rescue, saving Tom, Kaz and Reggie, as well as allowing Maxxor and Frafdo, who had surrendered before Prince Mudeenu’s threats, to take over the situation.


Dractyl appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: