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Some in Perim believe that Heptadd knows where the Cothica is


Heptadd is a powerful Guardian and a Muge of the OverWorld.

Even though Heptadd is a loyal member of the OverWorld, just like Tangath Toborn he comes from the Spiritlands, a region briefly seen during the events of Son of the Spiritlands in the last aired episode of Secrets of the Lost City. Allegedly in a different plane than Perim, the Spiritlands has a Tribe and a Mugical attunement of its own, as explained when the Tune Around Mugic didn’t work when it was cast in the vicinities of the Runic Grove.

Creatures from the Spiritlands can only exist in Perim because of a Thalizaar (थालीज़ार), a personal relic that’s given as memento by the ruling monarch to his servants to allow the spirit of those who they’re designated to, to attune with the plane of Perim, granting them a physical form as long as it remains intact. If destroyed, like Batog’s Staff of Ar’khan was after Tangath Toborn defeated him, the Creature returns to its spirit form. In Perim, even though they become powerful and invulnerable for a while, they eventually cease to exist, having to return to their homeland.

Heptadd’s Thalizaar, Heptadd’s Crown, is a chocolate-brown coloured crown with distinct golden ornaments.


Heptadd comes form the union of the Greek words eptá (επτά) that means seven with ad (αδ), a suffix forming the collective of numerals.

Therefore, Heptadd, a slightly altered form for Heptad (επταδ) means Septet, which is, generally, a set/group of seven, but, more than the group itself, a Septet refers more specifically to the members of said group.


Heptadd closely resembles a lime green big head of a bridge troll in a slate-blue primate-like body. He’s short and quite fat, with two long and thin light brown horns in a bulky carmine red hair of large curls that covers the entire curvature of his back, an enormous mouth with an even bigger tongue and very spaced teeth, two nostrils but with no nose and eyes of different colours: one vivid, Sangria red, and the other turquoise blue, glowing, but opaque as if he’s blind. With heavy wrinkles under his thick, hairless, pointy eyebrows, Heptadd has an almost reptilian, monstrous face. And his disproportional body, with small and slightly muscular limbs, big feet that look another pair of hands, and large, flat, wrinkled fingers with wide nails certainly doesn’t give a first good impression.

In the Animation, starting with the M’arrillian Invasion, Heptadd’s colours and body-shape change significantly. Now, instead of beginning down of his jowl, like a tote bag carrying his big head, now in a forest green tone, his body comprise just his upper and lower limbs. This way, he doesn’t lose his gravitational balance like before — which explains why he always used to shore up his body with his hands, like an actual primate, especially when landing after a jump. Being able to properly standing-up, in a more humanoid way, his gestures become more natural and his battle movements enhanced. His defective, opaque, eye is also a no-more, having both of them changing to a Venetian red iris, like his new hair, in big cornflower blue eyeballs.

As for clothing, Heptadd walks around almost naked, with simple golden rings, with runes inscribed in an undecipherable dialect, in each one of his eight fingers; and big, pointy shoulder pads with a hoop on each one and big gauntlets, all matching the colours of his unique Thalizaar on top of his head.

Personality & Behaviour

As a Guardian, Heptadd is concise, organized and concerned with responsibilities and duties, but as Muge he’s also Rational, pragmatic, clear-headed, mastering self-control and focused on knowledge. With such balanced temperament, even though Heptadd’s loyalty is with the OverWorld, he doesn’t nourish hate to other Tribes — except, perhaps, the M’arrillians — fact proved by his friendship with Narfall, an UnderWorld Elementalist, and Tiaane, the Mipedian Muge.

Heptadd’s state of mind could be just to keep his power and abilities under control, after all, one must live in up in a constant effort to fully comprehend the nuances of the Elements before discharging them with maximum efficiency, but, as the rumours about him go, could be just a façade to keep away the dangers of a seized Cothica falling into wrong hands.

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Ultra Rare
295 lbs
  • Sangria Red & Turquoise Blue
  • Venetian Red
  • Carmine Red
  • Venetian Red
  • Lime Green
  • Forest Green & Slate Blue
Preferred Locations
Preferred Battlegear

Heptadd is kind of a jack-of-all-trades, getting the best of any resource at his disposal, in any and all strategies he’s involved with.

As one of the few true Master Elementalists, Heptadd makes the most out Elemental Attacks, especially the unique Allmageddon, but his all-balanced Disciplines don’t let him down, allowing even more destructive Discipline Attacks like Mind Mash to be performed at their best. And his Mugical aptitude, that allows him to cast any Mugic of any Tribe, backs him up, be with pre-emptive moves or to recover from unwanted situations.

But not everything is a bed of roses for Heptadd. In some circumstances, the Elemental prowess that makes him so powerful is precisely his own Achilles’ heel well exploited by Mugics like Searing Symphony that can burn him from inside out with enormous damage, almost one-shooting him.

The Animation

Heptadd appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: