Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave
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The Ancient Mugicians mined the hardest substance in all of Perim to protect their mystical melodies


Located in the Riverlands, right after the Rock River Canyon, the Crystal Cave is a place all covered with red, blackberry-violet and also rose, sharp, jutting and crystalline crystals of different sizes.

It remained hidden inside the mountains for millennia, until Blazier accidentally found a way in while exploring the area after an earthquake that collapsed part of the canyon.

Extremely resistant, the amethyst-like crystals are very reflexive, deflecting some Attacks and Mugics, as seen during the events of Unexpected, when Major Tom’s Maxxor caged PeytonicMaster’s Malvadine with the lighting rays created by casting the Song of EmberNova.

In days of the Ancient Perim, these crystals used to be mined by the Muges to protect their Mugic melodies, but it’s also very possible that the crystals themselves powered them up in a piezoelectric way, driving around the energy created by the Mugicians.

Crystal Cave
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Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is a dangerous place to battle, with all the sharp crystals and the chance of being hit by your own Attack/Mugic, so swiftness and agility is a must. Here, fastest of the engaged Creatures has the privilege of attacking first and the slowest won’t cause any damage in their first attack.

Akarakk Cavern
Akarakk Cavern

In the first episode of the M’arrillian Invasion, Major Tom meets with Simon, a rogue player who, along with his partners in crime, destroys ultra-rare Locations that ends up “persuading” Tom to bring more explosives to him.

When Tom is busted by Maxxor stealing the ammunition from the Arsenal, he’s finds out that this secret section within the Crystal Cave where Simon would meet him for the pick-up is the Akarakk Cavern, an extraordinary place — hence the name Akarakk, from Hindi (अकरकक), means Extraordinary — with reduced gravity that, allegedly, also powers up the Creatures battling in there.

The Animation

The Crystal Cave appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: