Iron Pillar


The frequent quakes that rock the UnderWorld are blamed on the instability of this once-mighty prop


Located to the east-south-east of the UnderWorld City, the Iron Pillar is the central Pillar of the seven mighty Pillars holding the ceiling up in the UnderWorld, along with1 the Castle Pillar, the Ice Pillar, the Jade Pillar, the Mount Pillar, the Stone Pillar and Wooden Pillar.

Despite the name, the Iron Pillar isn’t actually made of iron. When intense earthquakes threatened the UnderWorld, Khybon, having been ordered to “do something” about the problem, started patching the superstructure, melding different types of metals from his scrapyard. In time, with the increasing amounts of metal added to keep the Pillar together plus the ongoing maintenance, it ended becoming a source of (almost) raw materials itself, acting like an improvised ironworks. Eventually, the massive column became visually so much more metallic than rocky, and the name stuck.

The earthquakes obviously didn’t cease and the remedy ended up worse than the disease. Not only pieces of the scrap metal began to fall from the Pillar, endangering the surrounding area, but, because of an unexpected magnetic field, all kinds of Battlegear stopped working nearby the Pillar. The blame certainly was the hurry imposed by Chaor to have the situation taken care of as fast as possible, which prevented Khybon or any other Creature to think it over carefully.

Taking the Lava Pond as an example, it’s understandable that in certain areas of the UnderWorld the crust isn’t too deep, meaning its foundation is well on top of immeasurable amounts of magma. Opposing Perim with Earth, the UnderWorld would be at very close to the highly-pressured layer called Outer Core. And looking to the UnderWorld’s geography, be it due the relative proximity of the Doors of the Deepmines, to the East, behind which live the M’arrillians in an environment sure to have abundance of water — or at least it once had, which justifies their invasion — or then by the simple fact that magma indeed has quite a lot of water in its composition, a series of events was unchained, resulting in a big problem.

When the magma crystallizes in presence of water, the resulting silicates contain peroxy bonds which, under high pressure and temperatures, break to form electron-holes. While the electrons remain trapped near the broken peroxide bonds, the electron-holes are free to travel through the crystallized structure and this natural diffusion eventually create regions in the crystal structure that are positively and negatively charged, allowing the current to flow in only one direction until the potential difference reaches a value that breaks down the boundary and, thus, increasing the current. With this sudden increase, a magnetic field is created, and, after an earthquake, an EMP is released.

That wouldn’t be an issue if the Iron Pillar wasn’t made mainly of iron and other ferromagnetic elements as they can be permanently magnetized and, thus, retain magnetic fields for an undetermined time.

Chemistry aside, it remains the question of how the earthquakes even started. An earthquake can be formed by any kind of seismic activity. The UnderWorlders might be known for having careless and explosive behaviour — hence Chaor’s decree of settling all sorts of strifes in the UnderWorld Colosseum — but even their recklessness wouldn’t be enough to affect a structure of that magnitude. Plus, the UnderWorld geography also doesn’t hint multiple planar fractures large enough to result in tectonic shifting.

In Chaotic Now or Never!, there was an UnderWorld Creature called Laxxar14 who thanks to several mechanical implants survived the crash of a spaceship called Na’arin. Yep, you read right. Na’arin, of Ring of Na’arin.

This ignored, unfinished or simply non-introduced plot, definitely gives room for all sorts of theories, but, in what concerns the Iron Pillar, couldn’t be the quakes being caused by the said spaceship trying to emerge, rising from the ground?

1It’s uncertain if the Jagged Pillar and the Steam Pillar are actually attached to the ceiling themselves

Iron Pillar
Super Rare

The strong and constant magnetic field around the Iron Pillar prevents all Battlegear to work, however, effects triggered after one is destroyed/sacrificed — like the Mugicians’ Lyre in order to provide an additional Mugician — still work as usual. Here, the bravest of the engaged Creatures has the privilege of attacking first.

The Animation

From the few times the Iron Pillar appeared in the Animation, two of them deserve a highlight.

In its début, during the events of Everything’s in Flux, the Iron Pillar allowed Major Tom to use the strengths of the brilliant plan architected by Klay against himself, by preventing his Magmon’s Flux Bauble to work and, thus, granting the winning of the match to his Mezzmarr.

In its last appearance, during the events of Kickin’ Bot, Ulmar, Perim’s Dr. Frankenstein, goes a little too far with his geniality and, while trying to make the Gigantropers think on their feet, by developing a biotechnological component with part of his own brain he “accidentally” turned them into sentient machines which almost collapsed the Iron Pillar while dismantling it to supply the development for their evolution.


The Iron Pillar appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: