Kiru City

Kiru City
Kiru City
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The majestic capital of the OverWorld is named in memory of one of its greatest leaders


Kiru City is the magnificent capital of the OverWorld located in the north-northeastern part of the OverWorld, north of the Forest of Life and the Desert of Al’Mipedim.

Named in honour of its founder, Kiru, ancestor of Chaor, Kiru City is a sovereign city in the pinnacle of its own Age of Enlightenment. With large and pompous buildings in Baroque-like style made mostly of marble and grooved limestone with golden ornaments and colourful vitraux, Kiru City is the OverWorld’s opposite of the UnderWorld City, with sunlight embracing the city, shining in abundance upon the glass craftsmanship of its astonishing high-towers.

Unlike the humble unprotected hill-top Village of the old days’ Ancient Perim, Kiru City is built as a circulade with an almost impenetrable sun-golden wall surrounding the town. On the northern part, overseeing the whole City from atop of a hill is Maxxor’s Palace, where the ruler of the OverWorld lives and adjudicates all matters for the best of the Tribe along with his Counsellors Intress and Najarin.

Within its fortified walls, patrolled day and night by OverWorld soldiers and, occasionally, by high-ranked Creatures like Tangath Toborn, the OverWorlders live as a highly-developed civilization. From the cultural sphere, with the scholars of The OverWorld Library like Hune Marquard, Hune Paltanin and Hune Canin, to the military, with both an extensive spy network headed by Tartarek and intense training and equipment testing at The Training Grounds by war-veterans like Drabe and the impassive Velreth, as well as technological, with Olkiex and Bodal in charge of The OverWorld Arsenal, the largest depot of Battlegears in the OverWorld.

In the underground, as briefly seen during the events of The Thing About Bodal, Kiru City has an extensive interconnected complex of semi-vacuum tunnels allowing one to quickly travel throughout the city. Further below, it’s possible to have a glimpse of the ruins of Old Kiru, the city where the actual has been built on top of, as seen while Intress chased the Assimilated Raznus up to an unavoidable confront in the wreckages of a structure like the Roman Colosseum, during the events of Raznus Returns.

Kiru City
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Kiru City

The OverWorlders, proud of their civilization, preach kindness and the sharing of knowledge among themselves, making them live longer to fight another day when battling in the capital of their homeland. Here, the wisest of the engaged Creatures has the privilege of attacking first.

The Animation

In the Animation, while Maxxor went to the City of M’arr to confront Aa’une, Kiru City staged the most epic battle ever seen, between the M’arrillians and the Tribal Alliance in both Episodes of the Last Stand and in the Season Finale Legions of Aa’une.

A glorious victory achieved with the help of none other than Chaor who was, until them, absent from the Alliance. Pumped-up with a Mugic, he showed up in aid of Maxxor wearing the Telebracers he stole in another of Kiru City’s key moments seen over the course of the M’arrillian Invasion, during the boldly raid he did himself in the events of Chaor’s Commandos.


The Kiru City appears, in Perim or in Chaotic, in the following episodes: