Mount Pillar Reservoir

Mount Pillar Reservoir
Mount Pillar Reservoir
Mount Pillar Reservoir
Danian Territory

All Danians know that the Reservoir is the well-spring of life. It must be defended to the death

Water is vital for the majority of known forms of life. For the Danians that’s no different and for the flourishment of the Tribe, at some moment of their history, even before raising a hive, a well-spring was needed. One of these creational moments could be seen during the events of Losers’ Circle when Ajara, a Mipedian Scout, guarded by General Masaba and a small army, were in a research expedition investigating zones of desolation where water was disappearing from the jungle later known as the Al’Mipedim Desert.

After Ajara gets trapped in a large quicksand spot while trying to take a sample of the soil, she — and the two intruders who ended up accompanying her team — fall through a hole on the ground, reaching a large underground cave with a big group of winged Danians resembling bees and mosquitoes. Realizing that those Creatures hitherto unknown were the ones responsible for the water disappearance, in an emotional outburst she reveals their position to Makromil, a Danian Warrior in the swarm, thus engaging in what likely was the first Danian-Mipedian confront in the history of Ancient Perim.

While it’s uncertain whether or not if that well-spring specifically is the origin of nowadays’ Mount Pillar Reservoir, it is undeniably a vital part of the Hive, from past, present and certainly future, from which every Creature can drink life from, especially the Danians. Here, among the engaged Creatures, the one lulled by the Water has the privilege of attacking first.