Danian Territory

As the breeding ground of millions of parasites, Danians can infect every Creature in Perim a hundred times over

Besides their swarming numbers, the most important weapon at Danians’ disposal is the Infection with Danian Parasites usually disseminated by Controllers like Yondaf. Different Creatures react differently when a Parasite is taking control of their organisms but, most of the times, they become vulnerable to certain effects or mysteriously empower their Danian opponents in the most varied ways.

Differently of how the infection process has been depicted during the events of Raznus Returns, in which the Danian launches a spectral bug that allegedly takes control of its victim, in fact, a Parasite Launcher is used, similarly to those used by the Mandiblors under Skartalas’ command near the end of the Perithon, when several Creatures leave the Zizzok Tunnel towards Mount Pillar.

Regardless the method used for dissemination, these Parasites must be incubated and matured before used, and this process is made by the thousands at once at the Infectorium, an extremely noxious place for those in the early stages of the infection, where the bravest of the engaged Creatures has the privilege of attacking first.