Oipont's Lookout

Oipont's Lookout
Oipont's Lookout
Oipont's Lookout
Danian Territory

From high above, Danians can see deep into the heart of the UnderWorld, including invading armies days in advance

Airborne patrolling is vital in any warzone and, aware of that, all Tribes react the best way they can. Because of the aridness and inhospitality of Al’Mipedim, the Mipedians simply trust their Invisibility to catch enemies off-guard; the M’arrillians spread their egg-like flying drones with mental link to the closest Chieftain; and both the OverWorld and the UnderWorld, given the much wider area to be covered, usually need Battlegears like a Torwegg and flying Creatures like Dractyl. The Danians, however, have a tactical advantage in this matter because from all of the seven mighty Pillars holding the ceiling up in the UnderWorld, the Mount Pillar is the only one1 with feasible access to the ceil itself.

This lookout, overseen by officers like Ghundac, provides the Danians with a unique strategical opportunity for a pre-emptive attack with their winged squad or, if things get ugly, the possibility of swarming the enemy with an overwhelming force with all available Danians, setting them all to fly like their ancestors once were. Here, the (really o.O) bravest of the engaged Creatures has the privilege of attacking first.

1Given the unknown height of the Castle Pillar