OverWorld Embassy at Mount Pillar

OverWorld Embassy at Mount Pillar
OverWorld Embassy at Mount Pillar
OverWorld Embassy at Mount Pillar
Danian Territory

Though adorned with oah and jij plants from his village, one look outside his window reminds Raznus he's far from home

Even though always ready for battle, the OverWorld always valued diplomacy over strife and because of this feeling the Tribe named Raznus as the OverWorld Ambassador to the Danians and the daughter of Hune Canin, Kinnianne as the Ambassador to the Mipedians.

Whether it was a sign of good faith or for shady, nefarious purposes, Queen Illexia granted Raznus his own office within the walls of Mount Pillar. While it’s unlikely that after the events of Dangers of Diplomacy, in which the Danians infected Raznus with a Danian Parasite, Raznus had changed sides, thus becoming a Danian Ambassador to the OverWorld — after all, when Assimilation was complete he tried to assassinate Maxxor, the Location remained untouched, even though, regardless the recently sworn loyalty to the Hive, returning there could be painful to him.

Regardless, the Embassy has always been a place for diplomacy and since conducting business while a brutal metamorphosis is changing one’s physiology is not only dangerous but also unproductive, every Creature is cleansed from the influence of Danians Parasites when setting foot in there. Here, the wisest — or the dumbest — of the engaged Creatures has the privilege — or the indecency — of attacking first.