Mount Pillar Reservoir, Liberated

Mount Pillar Reservoir, Liberated
Mount Pillar Reservoir, Liberated
Danian Territory

The Danians' lifeblood is also the root of the Mipedians' hatred

When Maxxor, Chaor and Iparu defeated Aa’une at Lake Blakeer, most of the M’arrillians retreated to the back of the Doors of the Deepmines leaving all damage caused behind. The unliveable state of Mount Pillar Reservoir, though, made it impossible for the Danians to return to their homeland right away. They would need to take back their well-spring by force and that would mean another war, but with the recently unravelled alliance with the other Tribes, Odu-Bathax, Valanii Levaan, Katharaz, the vengeful Klencka, now free from the M’arrillians brainwashing, and an army of Mandiblors and OverWorld footsoldiers, would have a much higher chance of success.

After another devastating war in a battlefield with wide opportunity for dispersal of Danian Parasites, Odu-Bathax got his lustful, bloody revenge over the Chieftain Neth’uar and the Reservoir was successfully reclaimed. Here, among the engaged Creatures, the children of Queen Illexia has the privilege of attacking first.