Mount Pillar Reservoir, Neth'uar's Foothold

Mount Pillar Reservoir, Nethu'ar's Foothold
Mount Pillar Reservoir, Nethu'ar's Foothold
Danian Territory

In the Animation, during the events of Raznus Returns, Raznus and Odu-Bathax accidentally burst into the OverWorld Arsenal with a small army of Mandiblors. After being pursued by Intress through the tunnels the Danians made, Raznus explains to Maxxor — who arrived just in time to prevent Intress from getting infected by a Danian Parasite — that invading Kiru City was never their intention, that they were on a survivability mission to find a new homeland for the Danians because the M’arrillians, led by the Chieftain Neth’uar established a foothold in the Mount Pillar Reservoir, poisoning it with toxic water.

The foulness instated not only favours the M’arrillians and their Minions in combat — hindering any resistance attempt — but also brings a new threat to the fray by allowing fallen Chieftains to resurrect, vengefully bringing forth chaos for their reckoning day. Here, the bravest — or naive — of the engaged Creatures has the privilege of attacking first.